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1. Women of Fingerstyle Guitar (US)

2. Fingerpainters Guitar Masters (US)

3. Dissonance - Movie (US)

4. Kris Schulz album release (CA)

5. Candyrat Guitar Night (US)

FCGF Logo1 Texture OnBlack.jpg


Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival and Guitar Camp (US). This 5 day festival and camp is a collaboration of fingerstyle guitar record label giants, Candyrat Records and Fretmonkey Records.

Horizon3 WhiteOnBlack.jpg


Horizon School of Music, based in the center of Vancouver city, Canada.

Mockup 1.jpg

Commemorative Logo

Embellished logo for Carillion Guitar's 10th anniversary. This logo was laser etched into guitar pickups and plaques which were attached to the back of 10 special edition guitars.

Commemorative Logo

Logo for popular US instrument company, Deering Banjos, celebrating their 40th anniversary. This slideshow displays the Deering team with this logo on shirts, plus a backdrop used at the NAMM show in California.

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